Week beginning September 18th

Forthcoming Services and events:

Morning Prayer will be read at St Mary, Stottesdon, this week on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 08:30 and on Wednesay at 08:15

Friday: 19:45 Bellringing practice at St Mary, Stottesdon

Sunday: 09:00 Holy Communion at St Michael’s, Silvington; 10:30 Holy communion at St Mary’s, Stottesdon; 16:00 Harvest Thanksgiving at St Mary’s, Cleeton St Mary


Readings for Morning and Evening Prayer this week:


MP: Psalm 1; I Chronicles 10:1-11:9; Mark 9:38-end.

EP: Psalm 4; I Kings 1:5-31; Acts 13:13-43.

Tuesday (Theodore of Tarsus 590)

MP: Psalm 5; I Chronicles 13; Mark 10:1-16.

EP: Psalm 9; I Kings 1:32-2.4, 10-12; Acts 13:44-14:7.


MP: Psalm 119:1-32; I Chronicles 15:1-16:3; Mark 10:17-31.

EP: Psalm 11; I Kings 3; Acts 14:8-end.

Thursday (Matthew the Apostle)

MP: Psalm 49; I Kings 19:15-end; II Timothy 3:14-end.

EP: Psalm 119:33-40, 89-96: Ecclesiastes 5:4-12; Matthew 19:16-end.


MP: Psalm 19; I Chronicles 21:1-22:1; Mark 10:35-45.

EP: Psalm 22; I Kings 6:1, 11-28; Acts 15:22-35.


MP: Psalm 23; I Chronicles 22:2-end; Mark 10:46-end.

EP: Psalm 24; I Kings 8:1-30; Acts 15:36-16:5.

Theodore of Tarsus (which was also the home town of St Paul!) was sent as Archbishop of Canterbury to the Anglo-Saxons. He proved one of the great organisers and administrators of the early Church, creating several new dioceses to reduce the size of some of the older ones that covered vast areas. This included, by 678 AD the Dioceses of Hereford and Worcester for the tribes of the Magonsaetan and Hwicce respectively.


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