Week beginning October 30th

This week sees the return of the schools after the half term break, the move from October into November, and – Hallowe’en! Pumpkins and witches and stuff aside, we just need to remember that it is the eve of All Hallows, that is, the day before All Saints’ Day, which is November 1st. We shall be celebrating All Saints next Sunday, November 5th, and the rest of this week looks like this:

Forthcoming Services and events:

Morning Prayer will be read at St Mary, Stottesdon, this week on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday at 08:30 and at 08:15 on Wednesday

Tuesday: 19:00 Prayer Group at Upper Northwood

Thursday: 08:30 Holy Communion for All Souls’ Day

Friday: 19:45 Bell-ringing practice at St Mary, Stottesdon

Sunday, celebrated as All Saints: 09:00 Holy Communion at St Giles, Farlow; 10:30 Morning Prayer at St John the Baptist, Middleton Scriven; 16:30 Evensong at St Mary, Stottesdon

Readings for Morning and Evening Prayer this week:


MP: Psalm 126; II Chronicles 33:1-13; John 15:1-11.

EP: Psalm 127; II Kings 21:1-18; I Timothy 1:1-17.

Tuesday (Martin Luther 1546)

MP: Psalm 132; II Chronicles 34:1-18; John 15:12-17.

EP: Psalm 135; II Kings 22:1-23:3; I Timothy 1:18-2:end.

Wednesday (All Saints Day)

MP: Psalm 119:153-end; II Chronicles 34:19-end; John 15:18-end.

EP: Psalm 136; II Kings 23:4-25; I Timothy 3.

Thursday (All Souls Day)

MP: Psalm 143; II Chronicles 35:1-19; John 16:1-15.

EP: Psalm 138; II Kings 23:36-24:17; I Timothy 4.

Friday (Richard Hooker 1600)

MP: Psalm 144; II Chronicles 35:20-36:10; John 16:16-22.

EP: Psalm 145; II Kings 24:18-25:12; I Timothy 5:1-16.


MP: Psalm 147; II Chronicles 36:11-end; John 16:23-end.

EP: Psalm 148; II Kings 25:22-end; I Timothy 5:17-end.

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