Week beginning October 16th

Forthcoming Services and events:

Morning Prayer will be read at St Mary, Stottesdon, this week on Tuesday and Friday at 08:30 and on Wednesday at 08:15

Thursday: 19:00 Diocesan Synod

Friday: 19:00 for 19:30 GR:VIII Men in Harmony in St Mary’s church, Stottesdon

Sunday: 09:00 Holy Communion at St Michael, Silvington; 10:30 Holy Communion at St Mary, Stottesdon; 16:00 Evening Prayer at St Mary, Cleeton St Mary

Readings for Morning and Evening Prayer this week:

Monday (Latimer and Ridley, Reformation Martyrs, 1555)

MP: Psalm 80; II Chronicles 17:1-12; Mark 15:1-15.

EP: Psalm 85; I Kings 5; Acts 26:1-23.

Tuesday (Ignatius of Antioch, 107)

MP: Psalm 89:1-18; II Chronicles 18:1-27; Mark 15:16-32.

EP: Psalm 89:19-end; II Kings 6:1-23; Acts 26:24-end.

Wednesday (Luke the Evangelist)

MP: Psalm 145; Isaiah 55; Luke1:1-4.

EP: Psalm 103; Isaiah 61:1-6; Colossians 4:7-end.

Thursday (Henry Martin, missionary, 1812)

MP: Psalm 92; II Chronicles 20:1-23; Mark 15:42-end.

EP: Psalm 94; II Kings 9:17-end; Acts 27:27-end.


MP: Psalm 88; II Chronicles 22:10-23:end; Mark 16:1-8.

EP: Psalm 102; II Kings 12:1-19; Acts 28:1-16.


MP: Psalm 97; II Chronicles 24:1-22; Mark 16:9-end.

EP: Psalm 104; II Kings 17:1-23; Acts 28:17-end.

Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley, bishops of Worcester and London respectively (Monday) were burnt at the stake as heretics by Mary Tudor’s government. The site of the execution is marked by the Martyrs’ Memorial in Oxford.

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