Arranging a Funeral Service at Holy Trinity Church

funeral crossAt Sidbury, we are able to offer you a personalised funeral service in Church followed by burial in the churchyard or, if you prefer, following the service we can join you at a crematorium or local cemetery for the final act of committal.

As soon as possible, you will need to register the death, appoint a funeral director and make arrangements for the funeral service. Please feel free to get in touch with the vicar, Revd Colin Resch, as soon as possible to see what might be possible for you.

Some people find planning the funeral with family and friends helps in their grieving. Perhaps you already know something of what your loved one wanted. You may even have planned the service together some time ago. It is important to get the balance of the funeral service right so that it properly reflects the life of the deceased and meets the needs of the bereaved.

The minister who will lead the service can help you to choose suitable readings, hymns and prayers. If they did not know your loved one well, they will want to talk with you to build up a picture of the person’s life, this may take only one meeting but sometimes it can be more.

Some deaths are especially traumatic, distressing or unexpected. We can offer special funerals for children, or after sudden or violent deaths, including suicide. Talk to the vicar about what is possible.

How much will the church service cost?
The cost of each funeral will vary depending on what you want included in your service, whether you want burial or cremation. The fees shown below (correct at 1st Jan 2014) are a guide and the exact price will be determined after your meeting with the vicar. Normally, the funeral director will pay the church fees on your behalf and include them on your bill. If you have any queries, please clarify this with your funeral director.

Basic Funeral Fees £164
This includes the cost of Church, administration & pastoral support
Burial in Churchyard £269
This covers the allocating of a grave space within the churchyard
Verger (recommended) £40
The Verger prepares the Church for your funeral, and is on hand to assist and welcome the mourners
Heating (recommended) £40
Churches can be cold buildings even in the middle of Summer – you may want the heating switched on
Music, Sound & Bells (optional) £20 – £130
Hymns and Bells help to create the right atmosphere for a Church funeral. This covers the cost of organist, bell ringers, sound system for recorded music & copyright permissions
A few additional minor costs may be incurred depending on your exact requirements for the funeral service. These will be made clear to you and your funeral director after the meeting with the vicar. If the deceased was not resident in the parish, there may be an additional charge payable.

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