Our Village At War 1914-1918

At our regular coffee morning in February 2014 we launched a special event looking at our village during the war years. We are gathering any information, family history, photographs relating to the period 1900-1935 as we start to build our story for life in this area around the war years.

  • from 1900-before the war to the start of the war
  • 1914-1918 during the war
  • After the war- up to 1935

The 1911 census details for Middleton Scriven were available on display to help us find out who used to live in our houses. As part of our events to mark the centenary of the start of World War 1, we wish to collect and record our village memorabilia, photos and stories to put into a leaflet and to add this website.

For every house in the parish we wish to find out information such as who lived there, what were their jobs, what happened to them in 1914-18, plus any history of the house. Some of this information already exists in the parish, but we are attempting to collate it further.

Please get in touch if you can add to our information portfolio.