Last Week in September!

Forthcoming Services and events:

Morning Prayer will be read at St Mary, Stottesdon, this week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 08:30 and on Wednesday at 08:15

Monday: 19:30 Churchwardens and Treasurers Meeting at the Rectory

Friday: 19:45 Bellringing practice at St Mary, Stottesdon

Sunday: 10:30 Holy Communion at St John the Baptist, Middleton Scriven; 16:30 Evensong at St Mary, Stottesdon; 18:30 Harvest Thanksgiving at St Giles, Farlow

Readings for Morning and Evening Prayer this week:

Monday (Lancelot Andrews, 1626)

MP: Psalm 30; I Chronicles 28:1-10; Mark 11:1-11.

EP: Psalm 28; I Kings 8:31-62; Acts 16:6-24.


MP: Psalm 36; I Chronicles 28:11-end; Mark 11:12-26.

EP: Psalm 33; I Kings 8:63-9:9; Acts 16:25-end.

Wednesday (Ember Day)

MP: Psalm 34; I Chronicles 29:1-9; Mark 11:27-end.

EP: Psalm 119:33-56; I Kings 10:1-25; Acts 17:1-15.


MP: Psalm 37; I Chronicles 29:10-20; Mark 12:1-12.

EP: Psalm 40; I Kings 11:1-13; Acts 17:16-end.

Friday (Ember Day; St Michael and All Angels)

MP: Psalm 34; Daniel 12:1-4; Acts 12:1-11.

EP: Psalm 138; Daniel 10:4-end; Revelation 5.

Saturday (Ember Day; St Jerome, 420)

MP: Psalm 42; II Chronicles 1:1-13; Mark 12:18-27.

EP: Psalm 46; I Kings 12:1-24; Acts 18:22-19:7.

Please especially hold in prayer our church at Silvington, whose patron saint St Michael is celebrated on Friday. St Michael is described in Revelation as the archangel who led the forces of heaven in casting down Satan.

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