Stottesdon Churches on the Internet

We have a Facebook Page with up-to-date events information on it: ‘Stottesdon Benefice’

But you can also find us on a new and informative website with your church’s details and events on – with pictures!

Find your parish on ‘A Church Near You’, the Church of England website. All you have to do its to put into a search engine the name of your village and the name of your church, and then follow the link to the ‘A Church Near You’ entry. For example:

Farlow St Giles

Sidbury Holy Trinity

Silvington St Michael

Or you can just put the name of the village and ‘church’ and look for the same link on the results, for example:

Middleton Scriven church

Stottesdon church

Cleeton St Mary church

You will find that services and other events and a lot more information is posted on these sites – and once you’ve found it, you can bookmark it to get straight back there!

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